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Updated: May 10

We have been lucky to find a great effort research by a group of dentists conducted

At Kuwait University. We will give you a highlight over dental Aesthetics research and you can explore our products page.

Background: The perception of facial aesthetics has been the subject of debate since ancient times and it is not considered to be absolute or fixed, rather relative.

The dynamic relativity of facial aesthetics is thought to be affected by many factors, including but not limited to ethnicity, demographic variations,

Geographic locations, and other social backgrounds.

The aim of this study was to assess the perception of ideal facial aesthetics among dental students in their preclinical and clinical years.

“A total of 149 questionnaire were completed by the students"

Methods: A cross-sectional study of all dentistry students (n= 175 students) at Kuwait University Faculty of Dentistry. A morphometric questionnaire of six computer-generated 3D avatar female models with various facial features were constructed by altering the facial units: jaw shapes, chin shapes, nose shapes, mouth shapes, cheek shapes, profile shapes. Students were asked to choose the most and least preferred among the 6 avatar models.

Conclusion: The study showed that dental students at Kuwait University have a perception of the facial aesthetics that is largely in accordance with previously published studies. Dental students must recognise the variations of facial units and ideals of aesthetics to better understand the demands and wishes of the patients, and thus, optimising the treatment plan to achieve this goal.

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Research Conducted by:

Asma Al-Harbi

Kuwait University Faculty of Dentistry

Shoug Al-Sanea

Kuwait University Faculty of Dentistry

Hajar Al-Harbi

Kuwait University Faculty of Dentistry

Mohammad Kamal ( )

Kuwait University Faculty of Dentistry

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