Inibsa Dental Anaesthesia

Updated: May 10

We are delighted to announce our new partner, Inibsa dental a leading company in the dental market and it is part of Inibsa Group providing quality anaesthetic products to

our dental practitioners and patients.

It was set up as a business unit at Laboratories Inibsa, which was founded in 1948, and spun off as an Inibsa Group company in 2013. This restructuring and conversion into a company enabled us to enhance our customer care and service for the dental market.

Currently, Inibsa Dental is focusing on four main areas in Spain: pain management, infection control, surgery and restoration. At an international level, Inibsa Dental sells its own range of dental aesthetics.

Our commitment to quality and service is anchored in compliance with the highest quality standards and European regulations for our products.

The company’s team is fully engaged in delivering the finest products for the dental market to accomplish one of our greatest missions: our customers’ success.

For more information about inisba dental, contact us via

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